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6 Benefits of Retiring Near a National Park

Posted by Nancy Theken on Wed, Jul 04, 2012 @ 08:59 AM

Retiring Near the Great Outdoors

6 reasons retire national park

If you're beginning to think about retirement and would like to spend more time closer to nature and the great outdoors, consider living near a national park

Here are 6 reasons why living next to a national park may be the best retirement decision you'll ever make. 

1. Rising Real Estate Values

Across the country, communities around national parks are growing and their homes appreciating in value by wide margins compared to other areas.

Always in demand, homes near the parks can expect steady increases in value and a healthy, active market.

2. Health Benefits

The clean air and surroundings make parks areas great for anyone, especially those with certain conditions like asthma and many allergies.

The Arizona and Utah areas rank among the best places to live for those with arthritis or other conditions where humidity and barometric pressure cause inflammation.

Of course, the active lifestyle you can lead while living near national parks also make it great for your health!

3. Outdoor Activities and Recreation

The heart of living near National Parks lies in the pure joy of outdoor recreation. Hiking can be a daily pastime while camping, fishing, kayaking, boating and more are all right in your backyard.

4. Strong Sense of Community

Living near national parks means being surrounded by people who appreciate the lifestyle as much as you do. Everyone is brought together by wanting to live an active life among nature and without the fuss of city living.

Instead of just being a tourist, you can be part of a neighborhood that takes pride in the natural beauty that surrounds you. 

5. Strong and Growing Economies

According to recent research by the nonprofit group Headwaters Economics, the areas surrounding national parks benefit financially in a variety of ways, from both local and non-local spending, job creation and more.

Homeowners and developers near the parks benefit from the tourism industry as well as many unrelated, burgeoning businesses.

6. Reduced Stress, Improved Mood

Spend some time around the people who live and work near parks and you'll notice a delightful attitude less common elsewhere. Life near national parks can bring mood improvement and stress reduction, and may even help weight loss.

If you grow tired of keeping up with the Joneses, a move to a parks area will work wonders for your general quality of life, both physically and mentally.


Living Near Lake Powell

Knowing how great living near national parks can be, you owe it to yourself to take a trip to the Lake Powell area and see for yourself what Lake Powell View Estates has to offer. Come out and visit or contact the office to find out more.

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